Rollin' Dice and Makin' Games

I’m Mark Whittington and I love games and design.

I’ve worked as a graphic designer and creative for over 20 years
and now write roleplaying games when I’m not freelancing.

Black Code

Welcome to the day before the future dies.

Black Code is a transhuman cyberpunk RPG set in a future where humanity and technology are intermingled so closely we don’t know where we are going next, vast corporate powers manipulate that technology for their own ends, and something dark is lurking in the sewers and alleys waiting…

This game is a toolkit for role playing in the dark future. As a player we give you a whole bunch of options to create whatever character you like, with a light, fast system that’s got just enough “crunch” to make your decisions matter. As a GM the rich background is a buffet – if you don’t want to take in the whole transhuman thing you can just pick and chose the bits you do like, or hack in your own.


RPG DEsign

I make games. Currently working on the Black Code cycle.

Graphic Design & LAyout

As a freelancer I provide graphic design, layout and web design services


New T-Shirt Available

I kind of fell in love with Lovecraft Country, so I made a t-shirt. Available on the store here: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/dicemachine/ and here too: https://www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/Lovecraft-GTFO-by-Whitt/55953107.HSDM1?

Check out When Shadows Fall on Kickstarter

A good friend and convention compatriot Neal Latham has his first game When Shadows Fall on Kickstarter. Please take the time to go check it out. http://kck.st/2ZId3ek  

Big News!

Big update. While everyone's plans are a bit shaken up here's the "plan" for Black Code. All timelines subject to change. The next book in the Black Code cycle is "The Rise of Tartarus" which will be a campaign sourcebook detailing the war against the black code and...

Website Down for Construction

Gotta sort out all this Wordpress shenanigans!

Black Code Sep/19 update

Black Code is finished! Ok, I still have editing, proofing, a little bit of layout, art, production to sort, etc. but apart from that it's BASICALLY done. Woohoo!  

UK Games Expo 2019

Had a great (if exhausting) time at UKGameExpo. Had some very nice feedback about Black Code, which was great. Thanks to everyone who made it another great convention, especially my other GM cohorts at Games on Demand and all the players who made it an absolute...

Black Code – Feb/19 Update

Writing for Black code continues. The world part of the book is cracking along, with the Bloom and Grid done and Temple getting there. It's looking like it might be a little bigger than I was expecting!

Black Code at Con-Tingency 2019

I'll be at Con-Tingency from the 23rd - 27th again this year running Black Code sessions every day. http://www.con-tingency.uk  

Quick Update – Nov

Quick update - work is still ongoing, just had a little delay due to other "real life work" projects. I'll be at Dragonmeet if anyone wants to chat.

Black Code @ Reunicon

Had a bit of a break during September, but Black Code is now chugging along nicely. I had a great time demoing at Reunicon a couple of weeks ago in Brighton. Paul Johnson, one of the players, took a photo of me in "full flow" I guess you'd call it...


Current and past work

Hidden Realms

Graphic Design & Layout

Spy Game

Graphic Design & Layout


RPG Design, Graphic Design & Layout

Black Code

RPG Design, Graphic Design & Layout