Big update. While everyone’s plans are a bit shaken up here’s the “plan” for Black Code. All timelines subject to change.

The next book in the Black Code cycle is “The Rise of Tartarus” which will be a campaign sourcebook detailing the war against the black code and filling in more detail about the world. Due out Summer 2020.

Once that’s out I’ll get onto the next book which is tentatively titled “Trends” that will be a bumper collection of gear, TAGs, a new frame type (Nanoform), alternate character generation options, rules hacks, etc. Due out 2021.

Discord server – As we’re all playing online at the moment I’ve set up a discord server. There’s even a dice bot for Black Code games (!skill2 will roll a rank 2 skill check and give you the total and number of crits) Link is here: feel free to come along and chat.