Well, it was a year. The pandemic effected me in a couple of ways:
1. No conventions. This put a real cramp on demos and not being able to sell from my brand new stall.
2. Super busy with work. I’m really fortunate that I was already working from home, and my day job client and other freelancing has kept me stacked, which meant no real time for writing. This put a bit of a delay on Black Code book 2.

However I’m mostly free of extraneous projects now, so hopefully it’ll be full steam ahead on The Rise of Tartarus Campaign – major writing focus for this, hoping to get it out this year. I’m also getting ready to playtest Game 2 currently codenamed Wasteland, that can be played on it’s own or as an expansion to Black Code.

Hopefully I’ll appear at a couple of conventions when it’s safe to do so, too!