Black Code uses a system of #TAGS (hashtags) that indicate powers and abilities for your characters. I’m having a lot of fun writing these and putting in little jokes in the titles, etc. Here’s a few of the ton I’m working on to show some of the favour they can add.

#SPECIALSETOFSKILLS – +1 skill to Track checks if there is a personal reason why you need to find the target.

#BABAYAGA – May use reputation to automatically win an intimidation check, get past bouncers, avoid imperial entanglements, etc. In exchange the GM will add a new NPC to the campaign who’s after you. Good luck.

#IKNOWAGUY – Once per session (or more if the GM is having a real bad day) you can create a contact on the spot. Charm roll determines their current feelings towards you.

#MRROBOT – +1 skill to Tech rolls when violating EULAs (Hacking, Breaking & Entering, etc.)

If you fancy coming up with a #TAG that might end up in the game, email