One of the great things I enjoy about RPGs is character generation. I love systems that evoke interesting character ideas as you generate them (I’m getting on a bit and I need all the help I can get). What I want with Black Code is to enable players to craft WHATEVER character they want, rather than get stuck in the minutiae of not having this ability until a certain level, or not quite being able to afford gun X. What I don’t want though is just ephemeral descriptors (Fate, sweetie, I love you but I need more out of this relationship). I need hooks to hang my character on – I need to know just how good a warrior I am amongst other warriors, you know?

BC is getting to a nice place. Capability points give skills that let you know what you’re good at and #TAGS that let you know what makes you special. Asset points gives you more #TAGs for the physical stuff, and the onus is on players to ‘skin’ the appearance of anything to be what they want it to be.

This week my guinea pigs got to play with character gen… and they came up with legends. So proud.

Dante, Perun, Hesh, Napier & Cale – You were the first. Hopefully many more will follow.