Well, what a weekend that was.

I’ve not been to Dragonmeet in years – London for a one day Con is usually a pain. After being graciously offered a place to stay (thanks Lloyd!) I figured, no excuses – let’s go on an adventure. And I’m glad I did.

Dragonmeet has definitely evolved from its younger days in Kensington Р its ginormous now, and I was totally surprised at how much our little hobby has grown over the years. Podcasts, and YouTubes, Panels, Vendors, and so many new games. Amongst them all, great to see some of the old guard like Bob @ Reapers Revenge and Mike @ Leisure Games.

I got to meet some of the lovely folks at Modiphius who sponsor the event, and wow do they work for their living. Getting a stand organised in a couple of hours at the crack of dawn was impressive… though now something I’m terrified of perhaps having to do myself one day.

My favourite part of Cons is meeting friends old and new – over the years you build up a stuffed rolodex of friendly faces and you cannot seem to walk 10 feet without bumping into someone. This is the best part of our hobby and if you’ve never done a convention, seriously go do it… you won’t regret it. I’m sad I missed a few people (its awful crowded) but I’ll catch you next time.

Few stand out points:

Carl graciously gave me a demo of his new game Spy Master. I loved the card narrative card mechanic. If you fancy an indy Spy game check it out on DriveThru

The Shadow Warriors. As the decades go by it’s always a pleasure to see those yellow fleeces as they demo games and continue to be great ambassadors for the hobby. They were at my first convention and I expect they will be at my last.

Lloyd Gyan is a well known face at British (and apparently Irish) cons and he graciously put me up, navigated me through London and introduced me to some more members of his ‘gang’ – thanks, dude – I had a total blast.