I’m finally back in the land of the living after UK Game Expo, and I had a fantastic if exhausting time. As I’ve been talking Black Code all weekend and we’ve had a little surge in interest after the con I figured It’s latest news time.
I ran a load of little 2 hour slots as part of Games on Demand at UKGE and had a blast. I even had a little 10 year old girl join in with her dad in one session who was particularly brilliant – and totally caught me on all my Overwatch references.
I’ve found an artist who I think will be perfect, (though I’m always looking for more) and I’ll be putting together the “Artists Bible” over the next few days so I can get the art moving.
I’m taking a little break from running the playtest campaigns for the next couple of weeks to avoid GM burnout and crack on with the writing – but don’t worry folks, we’ll be back on soon.
As I was interviewed for a podcast at the con I was put in a bit of a spot on timeline… so I can confirm the current plan is to have the book “finished” and have a kickstarter to pay for the art… near the end of the year!